In the year of 1999, our association is founded by few individuals who had a chance to meet at a Tamil Cultural event. That introduction further developed as family friends who leaded to meet and greet, arrange family get together occasions regularly. Those casual gatherings identified a need to have an association to reach more Tamil Speaking Muslim immigrants who are living in GTA, continue of our cultural heritage and to help new immigrants yet to come over years. Further meetings were arranged and formalized the process of an association in the name of Tamil Nadu Muslim Association of Canada (TMAC).

To this date, TMAC regularly conducts meet and greet events, Eid Celebrations, summer picnics on a yearly basis. It also serves as a medium of communication to its members. At present, our association holds about 200 families in GTA who get a chance to meet on a regular basis. Other than these events, our association identifies the needs of newcomers settlement, employment, mentorship, sports activities to the well-being of its members and the society at large.

Our association members stand behind our vision and mission statements and exercise it regularly to benefit the community. At the same time, it has been instrumental in assisting other communities actively.