Immigrating to Canada is a dream for many people and a choice for others. Regardless of the reason for your immigration, the moment we land in this country, the word “Adaptation” becomes an essential part of life. It is not just adapting in one area and try to keep other areas as same as you use to do before immigrating will not provide a fruitful outcome. Before you become a successful Canadian, there are challenges you may face, in order to change things we use to do before immigrating or unlearn something so you learn a new way of doing the same thing. You will transform yourself for a better life in every aspect. You have many choices to select in this country to become a valuable citizen and it is up to you to have a transparent paradigm and initiative.

We outlined as many things that a newcomer must be aware during the initial months of settling process. Understanding and practicing it appropriately can lead to a quicker and successful settlement.

Our primary goal is to promote Badminton, however we also encourage members to socialize amongst themselves. We organize annual summer picnic for our member in order to strengthen the relationships between the club members and of course to have fun as well. We also have internal monthly league tournaments to promote a spirit of competition.


Soon after you land, apply for documents such as Health card, SIN card, and Driver’s license for you and your family. Usually Health card will consume some time before it is delivered. Driver license is used as a photo id in majority of organizations.


Let us start with a place to live, when you select a place to live, ensure that you are closer to as many amenities such as schools, medical clinics, shopping areas, public transits etc so you don’t have to commute or drive a lot for day to day chores. However after some years once you have settled, then you can move to wherever it is convenient and comfortable for you. If you are renting or buying a house or apartment or condominium, do a research to know about that area, find about financing, mortgage etc before you make any decision. There are free resources available to know about tenant, land lord rights to protect you under unforeseen circumstances.


Our city is well connected with transit system which transports the public through Subways, Buses, RT, and senior’s transportation services. Each transit system has well designed accommodation system to transport passengers who are using wheel chair. Maneuvering the city in the public transport is an art of understanding the directions. Using a city map with public transit route, will help you not only access the places you wish to go but also helps you to plan your routes and save time.


Walk in clinics are available in every neighborhood. Find a walk in clinic closer to your home sooner because illness is unpredictable especially if you have children at home. You may also inquire whether they are accepting new patients for family physician. It is vital to have a family physician to create a medical history and it is managed by the family clinic to keep track of your health history.


It is a perfect country to experience all the four seasons of weather. It is important to note that you should be prepared to plan your day based on the weather. It affects your commuting time, dress you wear, public transit duration in your route, traffic, road conditions etc. Be prepared to wear appropriate weather friendly attire to feel comfortable.


Finding a right bank which supports the newcomers is vital. Recently many popular banks started services specific to newcomers to support them to handle their finance in a prudent way. Most banks offer educational sessions to inform customers on handling their finance efficiently.


There are free programs are available under the age of 6, where your children can attend to learn in a playful way. Enrolling your children to those programs is useful for the children to adapt to the Canadian school system and to learn, practice English.


It is significantly important to enroll yourself in an English class at least for a short period of time to learn and communicate professionally. Free language classes are offered in many community centers, however prior to enroll in the class, it is a must to write a language assessment to assess the level of your English or French language.


Assessing your educational qualification to compare with Canadian standard is imperative in order to have a professional job. The assessment will identify the gap in your education; will help to find suitable educational courses to qualify for the job you want to achieve. For immigrants who are trying to find a job in regulated industry such as Health Care, Engineering, Research etc, it is important to acquire licensing before start practicing your profession.


We have finest, top ranking universities and colleges in GTA. Select an appropriate education course to upgrade your educational qualification based on the demands of labor market. Having a discussion with a Career Counsellor can help you to identify the courses which will help you to find your dream job. Whether you decide to take a course or not, it is encouraged to keep you upgraded in your career is needed to move up in the career ladder.


Once you have settled, the next vital thing is to find a job in your career or relative career or to become self employed by starting your own business. Find a right means to earn money helps to sustain your life in Canada. In order to successfully achieve a job or to become a self-employed, there are many community agencies offer free job search programs and some of them offer specialized programs related to your career. It is important to learn the tools and techniques of job search before your apply for any position, otherwise the job search will be random without a proper plan. Some of the colleges offer bridging program to newcomers related to their profession. Any community center can provide relevant information.


Volunteering with different organizations adds value either directly or indirectly to your career. Any volunteering activity will enhance your skills, get to know people, society and adds value to your profession and Canadian work experience. Volunteering is the only activity helps you to integrate with the community quickly. Finding associations related to your career to volunteer is a good plan.


One of the best places to gain your knowledge is our Public Library. Library has many free educational programs, skills development programs and of course books in any subject. Please visit their website to find a nearest library and programs they offer.


Every community neighborhood has places of worship; you can find one by asking a friend or searching the internet. It is encouraged to visit the place regularly which will help to continue practicing your faith as well as get to know the community, meet people from your country of origin.


Canada encourages recreational activities to have work life balance and to maintain a healthy life style. Places for recreations are available in various websites which includes sports, parks, attractions, summer/winter activities for everyone and families. It is also encouraged to add the recreational ingredient to your life style so that you have an active and healthy life. Get a “Fun Guide “ from a community center to find about recreational activities in your residential area.


It is a must to file income tax for your family every year during January to March even if you are unemployed. Free tax clinics are run by community services agencies, where you can avail those services to file your income tax. There are eligibility criteria to get these services. Contact your nearby community service agency to know more about Income tax clinics.

The above information is further supported by direct links to some of the non-profit organizations offering those services. Please visit our “Newcomer information tab under Resources menu” to get direct information. We wish you a warm welcome and successful life in Canada.