What We Care For

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential


Assissting Newcomers Within the Community

We work with newcomers to prepare and adjust to life in Canada. Support services such as getting an education, work experience and professional licenses/certifications are provided.

Explore the Beautiful Cultures of Our Country

Canada represents one of the most culturally-diverse countries in the world and has made multiculturalism a national policy. It was founded on multiple cultures and immigration has lead to a community that welcomes all walks of life.

Promote a Healthy Active Lifestyle

We promote a healthy active lifestyle and regularly organize sports programs for all ages. This not only provides exercise, but essential teamwork skills and a friendly network.

Empowering our Future Leaders

We place a high importance in ensuring the best opportunities are provided for the leaders of tomorrow. From counselling to skill-building workshops, our youth programs are designed to help young leaders reach their goals.

Empowering our Sisters

Our programs for women are focused on empowerment and ensuring all ages are welcomed by a supportive environment that instills confidence and resilience. From sports activities to literacy programs, we provide our sisters with empowering avenues to express themselves.

Care-taking of our Elders

As the seeds of what our community has grown into, we place a high level of respect and gratitude towards our elders. Whether it is helping them with daily routines our organizing social and wellness programs, we are there for our elders.


Helping our Local Businesses Reach Their Full Potential

We understand the challenges our local businesses and entrepreneurs face. Through mentorship and support programs, we help our local businesses reach their full potential and contribute to a positive economic well-being.


If you are looking for any other services or support programs, reach out to us and we will help in the best way we can!