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In the year of 1999, our association is founded by few individuals who had a chance to meet at a Tamil Cultural event. That introduction further developed as family friends who leaded to meet and greet, arrange family get together occasions regularly. Those casual gatherings identified a need to have an association to reach more Tamil Speaking immigrants who are living in GTA, continue of our cultural heritage and to help new immigrants yet to come over years. Further meetings were arranged and formalized the process of an association in the name of Tamil Nadu Multicultural Association of Canada (TMAC).

To this date, TMAC regularly conducts meet and greet events, Eid Celebrations, summer picnics on a yearly basis. It also serves as a medium of communication to its members. At present, our association holds about 200 families in GTA who get a chance to meet on a regular basis. Other than these events, our association identifies the needs of newcomers settlement, employment, mentorship, sports activities to the well-being of its members and the society at large.

Our association members stand behind our vision and mission statements and exercise it regularly to benefit the community. At the same time, it has been instrumental in assisting other communities actively.

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Director – Programs and Services

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We are proud of our impact


We are proud to showcase our appreciation and involvement within the community

Iqbal ali

Iqbal M. Ali, a Chartered Professional Accountant, working with City of Toronto for over 25 years, currently as the Director of Financial Management. Iqbal is an active community member and has been volunteering in various community organizations since 1991. He was one of the founding members of Muslim Community Services in Brampton and served in the Board for 15 years. He also served in the Board of Brampton Multicultural Community Services for 15 years and Board Member and Treasurer of Peel Children’s Aid Society (PCAS) for 6 years. Iqbal currently serves as a Multicultural Council Ambassador at World Vision Canada, Board Member of Our Place Peel (a Youth Shelter Agency) in Mississauga and a Board Member of South Asian Canadian Health & Social Services (SACHSS) in Brampton.

Iqbal also volunteers as a Mentor for newcomer professionals through Profession to Profession Mentoring Program since 2004 and in various ad hoc community initiatives and programs. Iqbal is a resident of Brampton since 1990 and is married with three children. He is very passionate about helping communities and making a difference in others life. He has done various community projects through community organizations in the Region of Peel. He is a recipient of Long-Term Service Award from the City of Brampton.

Mohamed Rafi

He is an Entrepreneurial professional with decades of experiences in different businesses in various industries such as Food & Beverages, Automobile, Tours & Travels, Non for profit and Finance. Rafi was a graduate of B.com from India, migrated to Canada in 1992. He also graduated in Business Accounting in Toronto Shaw College.

Rafi is the founder of Madras Mahal – a South Asian Restaurant, started in 1997 and owned for 11 years. At present, he is currently the business owner of Prime Halal Meat Distribution, TVS Travels and Cargo, Eastern Exchange Money Transfers based in Toronto.

He was active socially in conducting many events, an active member of TMAC, he was instrumental in initiating the Tamil Heritage Celebration in TMAC. He was also a RJ in community Radio channels and Director of TNCSC in 2005. He played a key role in the revitalization project for the community affected by Gaja Cyclone in Tamilnadu through fundraising initiative from TMAC.

Seyed omar


Haja Moinudeen

Haja is currently working as a Sr. Technical/Project Lead at AMD, a leading company that develops computing system processors. Prior to this, he has worked at various multinational semiconductor companies in different capacities.

He is originally from Thanjavur, Tamilnadu where he was born and brought up and completed his high school. He came to Canada as International Student, graduated Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal in 2006. His undergraduate degree was in Computer & Information Engineering from Malaysia.

He has involved in lots of community activities during his university days. He was instrumental in forming the Indian Students Association in Malaysia that provides services to new Indian students to help them settle. He has also involved in various association in universities and served in different capacities. One such notable association was with UNSD (Ummatic Network for Strategic Development), an initiative that aimed to connect intellectuals/experts from various fields with students from various countries for the career development and guidance.

He moved to Toronto for work and since then he has been an active member in TMAC for more than a decade, driving and organizing various events/initiatives. He was one of the key persons in forming TMAC Sports club that provides a platform for healthy life style for all age groups in the community. He has a passion for community service and volunteered in various community projects.

Farook Tamijuddin

A long time member of TMAC serving the community and the board, started as a Director – Programs & Services and currently serving as the Treasurer. He has more than a decade of experience serving various non profit organizations in Toronto in different capacities under federal government programs such as Newcomer Employment and Entrepreneurship and City of Toronto government program- Toronto Economic Development Project through Entrepreneurship.

Farook is the founder & CEO of Grotrend Consultancy. More than 15 years of Business Management consulting experience in successfully assisting companies in developing a practical, implementable business strategies that focuses on increasing business performance to achieve profitability and growth.

He is a graduate of Master of Business Administration in Marketing & Management Information System from University of Madras and Business Strategy from University of Toronto. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Past Chair of CMC-ON GTA Chapter, Past Council Member of Ontario Institute for Canadian Association for Management Consultants and Vice -Chair in Change Management Special Interest Group offering workshops on Change Management.

Khalifa Hussain


Nawshath Ali Sulthan

Nawshath’s nativity can be traced to a small town in Tamil Nadu, near Thanjavur called Agara Podakkudi. Though he is a Malaysian citizen, he spent considerable time of his youth in Chennai which he holds close to his heart. He was doing his Post Graduation in Malaysia and working as an Financial Auditor with EY(Kuala Lumpur) before moving to Canada. He is an expert in the field of Finance, IT Governance and Compliance, and also holds various professional certifications. At social level, he has always been an active participant with social and community clubs since his school days.

He migrated to Canada in the year 2005 and has been an active volunteer with TMAC ever since. His vision was key in the formation, structure and development of TMAC Sports club which he built along with his friends. TMAC sports recently celebrated its 6th annual tournament.

Raja Mohamed

Raja’s native is from Muthupettai (Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu) completed the HighSchool in Govt Boys HSS in his town, where he was in few school sports teams and completion of his school, migrated to Canada. He has been an active member of TMAC since its inception and he is one of the key persons involved in founding TMAC Badminton Club. He also gets involved and volunteered with other Muslim communities and organizations in the GTA.

He is a Member of Canada National Coaching Association of Canada. He is a NCCP Certified Coach specialized in Badminton and Assistant Badminton Coach (in training) at TDSB. He has a passion for sports and Badminton and he organized/volunteered many community sports events in GTA.

Farook Majeed

Farook Majeed is a seasoned Senior IT Consultant, worked in various multinational companies both in the US and Canada. He has a Masters degree in Computer Application from Bharathidasan University, India.

He has been an active TMAC member for the last few years and driving many initiatives and events at TMAC. He has a passion for community service and played an important role in establishing a few non-profit groups such as community food bank, Indian Muslim organizations and Indo-Canadians for Humanity in Greater Toronto Area. He is also the president of Canadian Council of Indian Muslims (CCIM). He has a special interest in Islamic and Tamil Literature.

Mohamed Shafi

Mohammed Shafi is a Tamil Indo-Canadian Muslim Social justice and environment activist. He is vocal and have organized protests for the causes of Kashmir, Palestine, Rohingyas, Tamils and other oppressed minorities of India and the world. He was part of the team forming ‘Indo-Canadians for Humanity’ an umbrella organization uniting likeminded organizations and individuals committed to fight fascism and discrimination. As well, he co-founded the Canadian Council of Indian Muslims [CCIM] and was one of the board of directors. As part of CCIM apart from multiple social empowerment projects, organized Youth Conclaves in 2018 and 2019 towards empowering the Canadian youth, and an Interfaith Event in an attempt to bring religious harmony between communities. He is also a Program and Services Director of TamilNadu Multicultural Association of Canada. With TMAC, he has lead disaster relief efforts during Gaja Cyclone in India. His column and op-ed are published in The Canada Files. He is now part of the initiative ‘SewNSave’ making reusable face masks aimed for the ones most need them including Frontline and essential workers, sick, seniors, pregnant, immunocompromised and other vulnerable part of the community, towards preventing the spread of COVID19.

Rizvana Sulaiman

Rizvana is currently working as Data Engineering Specialist at ERIS, a leading provider of detailed environmental risk data and research for properties in the United States and Canada. She is a blessed mother of 3 awesome kids. She’s done her undergrad in Computer Science, York University, Toronto.

Although Indian by origin, her early childhood was spent in the Middle East, and then she immigrated to Canada as a child with her parents in the year of ‘99. She has a strong cultural and language bond from her native, Thanjavur. She has been an active youth member in TMAC since ’99 and she is even more delighted to give back and serve TMAC community as a BoD, mainly focusing on women and kids.

When she is not busy running behind/with her kids, you can find her actively volunteering as an English teacher for Syrian refugees and a part time language tutor for young children. She manages a social group that serves and benefits newcomers to Canada. She is also an active volunteer at her local community masjids, local food banks and the 163rd Canada Scouts Group.

Wafiq Syed